Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast Summary 2

Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast Summary

“THE WONDER and the Beast” is a heartfelt story about the birth of love and the ability of like to transform how you look at people you like. The moral of this fairytale is that a person’s beauty originates from a heart in love so when the wonder realizes the internal beauty of the beast and the emotions it has the outer appearance means nothing at all to her any more. This story is approximately real love which transforms the beast into a prince.

In true to life, not only fairy stories, everyone we consider to be always soul mates is a beautiful prince or princess. The fairy tale has a happy ending because the great love between your beauty and the beast was real so when the wonder declared the love for the beast he transformed into a lovely prince.

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The fairy tale of the beauty and the beast begins with a girl who resided with her dad and two sisters. They resided a good life in a big house but due to some regrettable turn of occasions her dad lost all his money. These were forced to go into a smaller house. The two sisters continued grieving for his or her former life and Beauty managed her sadness for herself and tried her best to help her family.

One day the father found out there’s a minor chance he could get back a part of his lot of money when one of the boats got back. The two sisters began to demand a variety of thing and beauty just wanted her father another safe. He persuaded her to simply tell him what she wished and in the end she asked him for a single rose. On his way home, the paternal father got lost and wandered into a castle.

He was getting ready to leave when he noticed beautiful roses and he selected one. In that moment the beast captured him and the father, begging for his life, said the rose was for his little girl. The beast let him go under the condition of him sending one of his own daughters to the castle but the daughter had to want to come. On his way home he didn’t want to tell Beauty what happened but she discovered and accepted to visit the castle.

When they arrived to the castle the beast asked if the girl arrived by her own will and both of them are affirmed she did. The beast banished the daddy and again informed him to never come back. Beauty’s life was pleasant. She was had by her room and she was served. The beast never appeared. Beauty only heard his voice. As time approved by they started enjoying each other’s company.