Should ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?

One mother from the united kingdom seems to think so. The Newcastle Chronicle says mother Sarah Hall feels the book encourages an inappropriate intimate message since it tells children it’s alright to kiss a woman while she’s asleep. She argued it teaches children that it’s ok to kiss a woman while she’s asleep, which she says is not appropriate.

Sarah was reading a school book with her six-year-old kid, which was depending on the traditional story. She said: “I think it’s a specific issue in the Sleeping Beauty tale about sexual behaviour and consent. ” It’s about saying is this still relevant, could it be appropriate? I’ve seen many situations of individuals being against classic Disney films/stories for unrealistic goals of relationships and because of how women are portrayed but this is actually the first-time I’ve heard of someone disliking the fairytale for THAT reason. Personally, I don’t see anything incorrect with it. It’s a tale, obviously it’s not real.

Nothing will change simply by banning a tale or fairytale. I simply can’t get on board with this idea of banning whatever could even remotely be looked at as “inappropriate.” But I’m inquisitive to listen to the thoughts of others, do you trust banning Sleeping Beauty? Is it improper content for children and will it promote intimate assault? You be the judge.

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