Are You Following Along BESIDE ME On Pinterest? 2

Are You Following Along BESIDE ME On Pinterest?

Can you think this is actually the last ‘Lately’ post of February? Knock on solid wood, but we’ve had a seriously light winter here in Pittsburgh. This week, it has been unseasonably warm which past weekend A lot sun! It certainly gets me excited for springtime and all of the fun outfits that come with it.

Sale-ing: This boiled cashmere sweater that I instagrammed the other day is definitely one of the very most-worn sweaters in my own closet. It had been got by me at the very start of the fall season. It’s boiled cashmere and intensely soft. It’s unstructured but has an extremely elegant feel to it because of the small mockneck and golf swing bottom.

It’s a major steal at that price and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m wearing a size small for research. Listening: I am so excited about this. Coldplay as well as the Chainsmokers released a melody together, Something Just Like This. It’s. SO. GOOD. I’ve already begun on my March playlist because February was getting too full. It was made by me open public so you can begin to hear now!

  • This underworld FAV bobble gets the rock (metallic paints) treatment
  • What is a very important thing about being truly a woman
  • Staying Together
  • Don’t line your inner eye
  • 8oz rose Hydrosol (or natural tea)

JavaScript is currently handicapped in this browser. Reactivate it to view this article. Sale-ing II: The Nordstrom sale is still in full golf swing and there are a few really great prices. I’ve distributed my favorites in the widget above. There are always a complete great deal of great cashmere parts at good deal points! Designing: Are you following along beside me on Pinterest? I have already been pinning interior inspiration like crazy lately. I pointed out in Saturday’s post that decorating kind of required a back chair for me, however now I’m working towards getting everything ‘perfect’. This past weekend, I went to Ethan Allen and chose an upholstered seat and Ottoman with custom pillows finally. I’m so excited to start to see the final product.

When you shop at Ethan Allen, a decorator involves your home to recommend where you can put things and what fabrics to use, etc. It’s a total game changer! Wanting: I’m off to the Bahamas in just a little over weekly, so I’ve been stocking up on all things the sunshine!

Loving: My mom’s friend, Laura gave me this gel toenail kit. I’ve stated how in the past I used to get my fingernails done every two weeks religiously. Ever since moving downtown, it’s become more of a hassle to visit my favorite salon, so my trips are less regular. This Gel Moment package is the perfect bargain- it’s definitely a few steps above your typical at-home manicure! It includes a few gel Polish colors and a mini-light that will give you salon-quality gel. I am using this in between appointments and love it (it lasts a complete two weeks as being a typical salon gel manicure)!

When my friends come over, they love to use it, too. You can order the package, here. There are all sorts of price levels which means you can pick and choose what you want, I’ve this kit and couldn’t recommend it more! Pittsburgh-ing: This weekend, we visited Lidia’s in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.