Examining The Science Behind Foam Rollers

What you do with a foam roller is a kind of revised self-massage technique. The roller will rotate over a major muscle group such as the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps etc., and the pressure and motion will impact your muscles and fascia. You can hear that word a lot, and it appears like (FA-sha). It’s a fluid network that is similar to a bungee-wire cushion between each cell within you and the fibers are mostly composed of collagen, elastin, and reticulin.

Around areas such as tendons and cartilage these are dense. And a big area of the fascial network is encapsulated in mucopolysaccharides, a gel-like mucus that holds moisture. It is just like a 3-D spiderweb netting or a connective tissue of fibrous glue. When you learn foam rolling you will be applying immediate pressure loads to your cells and muscles, therefore extending and massaging the fundamental layers; and fascia.

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It is known to have a great deal of anecdotal success in that it reduces fatigue, enhances a range of motion and increases recovery of sore or overused muscles. Peter Dipple, head of sports and massage at the London-based Ten Health & Fitness, says, “Foam rolling is a great way to help relax muscle tissue.

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