IT / Software Development Jobs

We are a fast-growing public business. At Good Hood GmbH we help people feel at home in their neighborhood again. Join our excellent international team now as Android Developer. Remotely or in Berlin. Be part of the tiny but established Android team as Android developer. Help grow our Android application with your coding skills. Work in a flexible work environment fully, stress-free and from anywhere.

Use Kotlin, Architecture Components, writes lots of lab tests and perform code reviews. You have excellent communication skills in English, both spoken and written. Minimum three years of working experience as Android Developer is necessary. You are proactive, comfortable, and organized with self-learning. Become part of a small, excellent, and international team with experienced QA support. Responsibility for a product with meaning and social impact that many people use. Grow professionally with us. Flexible working hours, remote friendly team.

  • Take the self-employed health insurance deduction, if you meet the criteria
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • People get motivated
  • B2B Products are complicated
  • How would you react if I informed you your interview so far was horrible
  • Mysql serverName, databaseName, port, user, password

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