Pick YOUR PREFERRED Look And We’ll OFFER YOU A New Back-to-school ~beauty Vibe

Back-to-school season is the perfect time for a reset: You can switch up your style, debut a new beauty defeat or own a new attitude. So here’s the Q: Who do you want to be this year? It’ll help you excel at the state of mind you’re after; just like a blueprint for your style, your attitude and your outlook.

We teamed up with L.A. Colors to dream up three strong, stunning and visionary vibes. Scroll down to check them out – then select the one that speaks for you to see what it says about your personality. Each moodboard features an eyeshadow palette, nail polish and lip gloss by L.A.

Your motto this year? Grow and glow. You’re all about embracing every new opportunity that comes the right path – and when you get hit with a sticky sitch or setback, you understand that flowers can’t blossom with out a little bit of rain. Your natural, low-key look is a nod to your zen mindset…but it packages plenty of punch still, exactly like your powerful personality. Select a palette of poppy pinks, moody mauves and peachy neutrals for a glance that’s fiercely fresh.

From beachy bronze and peony red to warm cranberry and trendy taupe, this palette stars 20 stunning shades in a variety of mattes, shimmers and metallics. When the best of both worlds collide: a nudey, neutral lipgloss gets a dusting of subtle shimmer. Soft, advanced shades (that actually stick around, because of the gel formula) let your mani do the talking. You bring the party wherever you go – blessing everyone you talk with an upbeat attitude and amped-up view. Your vibe combines the classics (such as a flick of simple kitten eyeliner) with the cool (see: those citrus-dipped tips), which is the equation that results in Y-O-U essentially.

Seek standout tones like electric lime and haute highlighter yellowish – then set ’em with easy neutrals and heavy metals accents for a glance that’s as outspoken as you are. From shimmery champagne to edgy eggplant to midnight blue, this palette stars 20 stunning tones in a variety of mattes, shimmers and metallics.

Hey, metal mouth: In stunning metallic or glitzed-out gold, metallic lips are a whole disposition. That negative space mani is remarkably cinchy – just use a little bit of tape to make a clean edge, then await your coated section to dried out carefully peeling away before. You’re ready to paint the city red…and orange..and the rest of the ROYGBIV, that you think from it now.

You’re all about casting a kaleidoscope of color on every aspect of life – which technicolor ’tude is contagious. Your individual palette is a rotation of stand-out tones that match your disposition (which is always shiny, BTW). The most beautiful thing concerning this look? When you’re bringing the strong beauty vibes, you can attempt tones, clash colors and play with patterns to your heart’s content.

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  6. The patent for nail polish goes back to 1919. It had been light pink

From easy indigo and cool caramel to bright peach and edgy aubergine, this palette stars 20 stunning tones in a mix of mattes, shimmers and metallics. Can’t choose between these two flattering red hues universally? Just wear them both. A good way for doing that custom nail art look? Just put in a few flecks of chunky glitter to a mismatched mani.

I’m not presently drying my locks during the night, instead I’m using an air drying product and just going to sleep, letting my perm leave my locks a bit wavy. EASILY want my locks to be curly rather than wavy, I’ll dried out my hair a bit at the roots, and put in the Rest Styler curlers then. Oribe The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo (at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s or BirchBox): Read my full Oribe The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo review. I haven’t attempted this to consider the green out of my daughters’ blonde hair. I’ve tried an enormous array of going swimming shampoos in it, and my best results have been this hair shampoo.

Redken No Blow Dry Bossy Cream (buy it at ULTA or Amazon): I use about how big is a quarter. I’ve also experienced great results with this cream or this air dry mousse. Sleep Styler (at their site or QVC): You can examine out my Sleep Styler review. I mostly use the smaller size as my hair is a little hard to hold curl currently.