REVIEW: SMASHBOX STUDIO SKIN 15H WEAR HYDRATING FOUNDATION for oily epidermis? Therefore the product that ill be critiquing today is Studio Skin foundation from Smashbox, sure. 42 in America at Smashbox or where ever they sell smashbox products. The foundation comes in a 30-ml glass bottle and offers 12 shades ranging from warm fair to deep warm brown.

According to smashbox, this basis hydrates the skin and control’s oil with an essential oil free formula which makes it best for all pores and skin types. Smashbox also mentioned that it offers medium to full coverage, its transfer evidence, and perspiration and humidity resistant. This basis comes in an obvious rounded bottle with a black matte pump and a lid as you can see on the image above.

It gets the typical Smashbox font print out on the container and as mentioned earlier it comes in a 30-ml cup bottle which is standard for liquid foundations. That is great with Asian epidermis and or for yellow-toned people who have a problem with inflammation, for its yellowish bottom cancels out the redness on your skin and never have to pack on the product. It definitely doesn’t cause you to orange in in any case but still make sure you get the right shade. The foundation does have a fragrance so its not scent free but it isn’t as noticeable as Smashbox’s Liquid Halo basis.

The smell is really simple (can’t really describe it) and didn’t make me drowsy by any chance unlike Mac’s studio fix fluid which has a strong chemical substance smell. Smashbox claims it has an all natural medium to full coverage dental plans and that it blurs defects. To check it out I firstly used my fingertips to observe how blendable it is and exactly how much it actually covers and from that test the foundation provided me light to light-medium coverage not necessarily full.

To get a fuller coverage the ultimate way to apply it has been a normal foundation brush Not just a buffing brush for the building blocks is a liquid to powder method. Buffing the foundation in will exfoliate the skin which can stick to the foundation and cause it to CAKE! I had been disappointed with the coverage of the foundation actually.

Don’t misunderstand me it can provide a complete coverage but you do have to employ a fair little bit of the foundation. I used to be expecting it to become more full dental coverage plans like the Estee Lauder twice wear basis (review approaching) so that was a little of a let down.

On any type of skin it dries matte so I wouldn’t put powder over the whole face maybe just on the T area to avoid looking too powdery. It kind of tightens your skin a little but it doesn’t feel heavy in any way so if you have dry pores and skin or very dry epidermis I still recommend utilizing a moisturizer and a hydrating primer.

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For really dry skin with a little of flaking i suggest to exfoliate one weekly and utilizing a really hydrating moisturiser underneath because it can highlight dried out areas. For people with fine wrinkles and lines, this base will make it obvious due to its matte surface finish. I’m actually not that impressed using its staying power. It is meant to stay for at 15 hours but it doesn’t even last me for more than 9, I guess that pretty long but I’ve other foundations that endures much longer.

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