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Everyone wants their skin to look healthy and young. There is absolutely no denying that massage therapy of every kind improves the appearance of skin for a time period after any treatment. The moment improvement is triggered by the increase of blood flow and, as a total result, a rise in cellular oxygenation. We can all concur that massage is wonderful for you at any age group, but after about the age of 40, the huge benefits are even greater. This is the average age that skin starts to lose some firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles become a location of concern. Let’s discuss crow’s feet, laugh, and smile lines.

They aren’t the devil! We can really do something to reduce the appearance of these stinkers. There are two types of wrinkles that cause us concern – static and dynamic. Dynamic wrinkles are those caused by facial movement. For example, squinting over and over plays a part in crows ft. Static lines will be the ones that get etching because of those dynamic movements.

So, what to do about those guys? Well, Cosmetic Botox injections will relax those muscles so that they either won’t form from powerful movement or prevent them from getting deeper from powerful movement. Now, cosmetic massage is more delicate than Botox, but with regular facials it also relaxes those same muscles and even really helps to reduce puffiness, as well. If you manipulate the facial muscles through massage, the bloodstream is increased because of it in circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Lymphatic Massage (everything movement around your neck) causes toxins/impurities to move away from the skin.

This causes lymphatic drainage – getting the “Yuckys” moving down from your face (think puffy eyes) and finally leaving your body (through urination), essentially decongesting your skin. When you’re a young babe, your skin tissue is strong. As gravity takes over in our 40’s and 50’s, the integrity of our skin begins to breakdown, The collagen and elastin – fibers that keep all the layers of muscle, extra fat, and skin altogether – slows down production. Regular cosmetic massage helps to increase the mobile creation way down in the dermal coating and keeps all those layers healthy and set up.

Muscles relax, blood flow increases and you’ve got the appearance of this sought-after youthful glow. After your facial massage, besides you becoming a limp noodle, your therapist shall apply products to your skin. These topical products are far better assimilated now. Key ingredients in serums, creams, lotions can penetrate deeper providing you better and quicker results. You’re really getting the moneys worth now.

The important thing is this: You want results. When email address details are provided you shall turn into a devoted believer in regular facials with an awesome cosmetic massage therapy. I take Gynormous pride in all services at Spa 131, however, my personal speciality has been facials and skin care. I challenge one to have one facial beside me and see why.

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In addition, bear in mind that we’ve a romantic relationship with Dr. John Newkirk, a Board-Certified COSMETIC SURGEON. Dr. Newkirk is a quarterly visitor at the Spa to provide Cosmetic Juvederm and Botox Aesthetic Filler, all within the soothing environment of our service. I welcome all feedback to this blog. Why don’t you become a customer and inform me what topics would be of interest for you. I will seriously take all suggestions. I soon desire to see you!

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