Team Secret Adds Former UBS CEO John Costas As Vice Chairman 2

Team Secret Adds Former UBS CEO John Costas As Vice Chairman

Team Secret has named U.S. John Costas vice chairman, strategy & fund. The investment banker has no prior documented experience in the esports industry. Esports organization Team Secret went outside of the endemic bin of candidates to hire a vice chairman, naming U.S. John Costas as its new vice chairman of strategy & finance.

No terms of his employment were disclosed, but his experience in investment banking includes around 10 years working for investment bank UBS. From 2000-2005 Costas offered as chairman and CEO for the business before moving to Dillon Read Capital Management, a UBS subsidiary. A starting date for his employment was not released, and prior to becoming a member of Team Secret, Costas has had no recorded experience in the industry previously. He has spent his latest years owning a private investment firm Costas Family Holdings. Team Secret competes in Dota 2 , Fortnite , Rocket League , and Rainbow Six Siege, and they’ve lately announced plans to move into Apex Legends. Their partnerships include Corsair , Secretlab, NVIDIA , and Meta Threads.

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