I got Friday off work the other day to take part in a new show filmed here on the Gold Coast about Water Police. I had been a background extra swimsuit model. I’ve done some acting and extra’s work when I was living in New Zealand and I really enjoyed it. I’m thinking this is the next step in my life, employed in film and TV.

I got positive and constructive reviews from the director (which is always so helpful) and ended up having a really fun day with everyone involved. I might have significantly more parts in the show after the pilot is completed/edited and the show is up and running (in about 3 month’s time).

  • H. L. Mencken
  • Fans, pumps, compressors
  • Can be heavy and large
  • Mrs. Melville’s Adventure
  • Chemicals in makeup products
  • How long has Younique been in business? Since 2012
  • Use a Humidifier

The pilot will be shown in Australia and New Zealand, free TV. Several people have explained that I have to proceed to Melbourne or Sydney to break into that side of the industry, but I am finding lots of work in Queensland here. I also believe that the ongoing work and people have become different in Melbourne compared to Queensland.

Is it the elements? Its colder in Melbourne so people wear more clothes and a bit more “closed” with themselves while Queensland is warmer and people wear less and are more open. So I’m going to enroll for some more operating classes (have done some in New Zealand while I was 19) and focus on my speech display. Also focusing on new agents, portfolio revises is coming and I’m getting show reel. I’m almost over modeling. I’ve still got my modeling goal in the works (being published) should learn about this over the next couple of weeks.

It’s really thrilling to actually live out what I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. To be attaining. I take a look at other folks and sometimes wonder how they don’t have any goals and don’t aim for anything. I guess I’m the kind of person who needs direction and can’t wander aimlessly through life. But as a buddy explained once, everyone’s idea of happiness differs.

I am eliminating all the negative people in my own life. I can’t be bothered with liars, individuals who use you and are just basic mean and selfish. They aren’t worthy of my time or energy. I had an event the other day with someone I thought was a pal and ended up being a huge disappointed and a little of the embarrassment. I am learning who my REAL friends are.

Wedding plans are underway! I now have a rough idea of how I want the day to look and a rough budget. At this time I am dreaming about lots of flowers at the ceremony and lots of candles at the reception. I want old-school Hollywood glamour, like 1920’s to 1950’s. The music from that era will be amazing Even.

Classic beauty mixed with ancient Greece and modern France. I’m finding that weddings have become expensive. Just like a cake can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I’m not heading to have Shane wear a boring ugly black suit. I like light gray with a vest (no jacket), white shirt, gray pants, and white shoes.

He has beautiful blue eye and olive pores and skin so he will look amazing! All the bridesmaid dresses I’ve looked at are UGLY! These are boring and unflattering and stupid haha. I’d like my girls to look hot! I’d like like 10 bridesmaids but going to have to keep it at 3-5 potential.