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There is no other business college that can compare with the AACSB International-accredited Greehey School of Business. Our renowned accreditation places us in the top seven percent of business institutions worldwide. Since 1923, we’ve been providing future leaders with a great business education grounded in faith, service, and values. On the Greehey School of Business, we work hard every day to transform the lives of our students and empower them to improve the world for the better. Everything we do ensures our graduates are honest, highly skilled, professional, internationally in-demand, and aware by many of the world’s most successful companies.

Our students confidently walk the stage at Commencement realizing that they may be well-educated and ready for lives filled up with meaning and purpose. A robust power in the condition of Texas that has awarded more than 10,000 levels, the Greehey School of Business has informed some of the best possible business market leaders anywhere. We’ve instilled in them a sense of integrity and a strongly held perception in the energy of the business to improve humankind.

Our graduates have created vast amounts of dollars in value for our overall economy, while at the same time being an unstoppable force for good. Ethics and real-world experiences are at the heart of our approach to business education. Our students travel the globe to serve the underprivileged. They volunteer hundreds of hours inside our community to help those in need.

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2.5 million of our endowment in a genuine trading room, being careful to get only in ethical companies. They have received many international and national contests. Plus they engage frequently with exceptional business leaders in their classrooms. Apply today, and once you feel a Greehey School of Business student, our outstanding faculty will work side-by-side with you every step of the best way to help you grow into exactly the type of leader our world needs.

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