Senior Front End Developer At OctopusLabs 2

Senior Front End Developer At OctopusLabs

At Octopus we’re transforming the industries we operate in and improving the lives of millions of people. We’ve built market-leading positions in several specialist areas, including smaller company funding, renewable energy, healthcare and property finance. We employ in excess of 750 people and manage more than £8 billion with respect to over 50,000 investors.

Our products don’t just help real people solve real life problems, they make a positive impact on the world all around us also. The Octopus Group incorporates Octopus Energy, Octopus Real Estate, Octopus Investments, Octopus Ventures, Octopus Wealth and Octopus Renewables. Our aim is with an impact in everything we do, and also to make a vital contribution to the united kingdom economy by assisting people, companies and organizations create wealth.

And we’re always on the look-out for smart, talented people who talk about our beliefs. Octopus Labs is the fintech creativity unit of the Octopus Group. We fuse background and technology, uX and expertise, to build financial products the way they should be: trustworthy, rewarding and easy-to-use. Working at Octopus Labs provides an opportunity to combine the exciting pace and confidence of a start-up, with the broader benefits of a large, well-capitalised business that manages more than £7 billion on behalf of over 100,000 customers.

We’re rewriting our legacy frontend tech-stack of CoffeeScript, gulp and jQuery to a far more modern Webpack, Redux and React package. Our frontend code rests together with a MySQL and Python backend. A few of our projects are hosted on Google App Engine others are in Kubernetes. CI/CD is managed by Jenkins.

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  • Get the right team of 3-5 people collectively
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At Octopus we don’t just concentrate on what we do but also how exactly we do it. Everyone stocks our values of simple being, helpful and bold. We are loyal: we fully buy-in to the business’s vision and believe in anything that Octopus means. We are respectful: we live and breathe the Octopus beliefs of being helpful, bold and straightforward. We are resilient: we’ve an inner strength which means we never give in.

We are intellectually interested: we seek to understand how the world works and were always learning, adapting and improving. We understand who our customers are: and because we know them effectively, we always provide them with our very best. Octopus has generated an exciting and inclusive high-performance culture where employees feel empowered.

This means we welcome conversations around versatile working hours. We also understand the value of diversity, and we have a united team dedicated to promoting gender, ethnic, socio-economic, LGBT and disability equality, to ensure we back up our words with actions. All Octopus employees receive the chance to develop new skills, goal higher and accelerate their professions.

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