China Submits 5G Technologies To International Telecommunication Union (ITU) As Global Standards 2

China Submits 5G Technologies To International Telecommunication Union (ITU) As Global Standards

3GPP is a worldwide standards business that collaboratively builds up standards and specs for the telecoms industry. The Chinese delegation contains representatives from major telecoms research and companies institutions including Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile, China Unicom, and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Final results for global standards for 5G technologies will be announced in June 2020, according to the statement.

China has been in a leading position in the 5G development, and the ITU submission shows the global industry’s acknowledgement of the country’s efforts to the 5G sector. Chinese language solutions are used Once, the nation will have significantly more say in standard-setting, and future technology development, Li Zhen, a business expert at Beijing-based CCID Consulting, on Thursday informed the Global Times. Chinese companies, huawei particularly, already have a large portfolio of 5G core technology patents. In terms of 5G standard essential patents, Huawei has the largest portfolio followed by Nokia, ZTE, LG, and Samsung, according to the data as of this month, published by IPlytics.

The variety of declared 5G patent families held by Chinese companies accounted for almost 40 percent of total announced patents. The US remains highly vigilant in keeping Huawei from the country’s 5G market, although US President Donald Trump experienced promised his government will ease restrictions on the Chinese company at a recent G20 meeting in Japan.

However, the US, as well as its major allies, could issue administrative purchases to club Huawei however they can’t really avoid it because the tech giant has already established many footprints in 5G primary technologies, experts said. Still, Chinese companies might face fierce competition from their foreign competitors in pressing forward their 5G technology as global standards. South Korea, another leader in 5G commercialization, has also suggested the adoption of its 5G technologies, the Yonhap News Agency reported on Thursday, citing the country’s technology ministry.

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