Where Does Your Inspiration Come From? 2

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

I am thrilled to share with you a wonderful developer who is giving away a backyard of her fabric, your choice! I actually discovered Vanessa through Flickr. I saw an awesome print, and she was asked by me if she designed her own fabric. Come to find out, she has a Spoonflower account! Gee, I will realize by that the majority of great designers are using Spoonflower now.

Vanessa has a different kind of style. Personally I think a retro vibe when browsing her designs. They may be fun, humorous, uplifting, & most definitely kid friendly. I could definitely see a few of her prints used for clothing, blankets, quilts, accessories, toys, and some furniture pieces. You can view most of her prints on Spoonflower.

Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Vanessa Waller – but I’m also known as Monda (that was a child-years nickname). I’m 35 and reside in Berkshire in the UK – not very far from the Queen in reality. In January this year I married my best friend (Brendan) after 14 happy years collectively.

Our little family includes our 2 pet cats, Stevie and Mellie. When did you know you wanted to be considered a surface pattern designer? Have there been any challenging obstacles you had to overcome to get to what your location is now? After departing Art College, I appeared for a design job but found it so difficult.

In 2010, I finally made a decision to leave my job as a recruitment supervisor to check out my dream, and I could truthfully say I haven’t appeared back. At that time I was working to live, not living to work. I used my cost savings to cover a ‘zero to hero’ adobe illustrator course therefore I could understand how to use the computer to create digitally. I’m presently working from my spare room, which includes been converted into an office/studio, but I’d love to have a real home studio one day – a dedicated space that isn’t also trying to be a guest room! Where does your inspiration result from?

Since choosing to leave my job last year my eyes have really been opened up to how to design and print are utilized in the wider world. I read a lot of weblogs – the wealth of visual stimulation out there is immense. Deceased of living, whose studio do you raid? Oh, this is hard!

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I can’t choose just one person/designer. I really like Mary Quants vivid 60’s patterns and I’m also a huge lover of Alexander Henry materials, present and past. I would definitely raid the Paperchase studios. I can happily spend a good few hours looking at all the fixed designs and patterns in Paperchase.

I also really love the classic Figgjo Flint pottery/ceramic designs, therefore I would definitely like to go with time and take a look around their Norwegian studios back. What’s success to you? I feel like every day is a small amount of a success at this time and I understand that this is just the beginning.

I love what I do. My work is needs to achieve reputation and that makes me very happy. I like to create things that will make people smile and feel happy – whether that’s a piece of fabric, greetings cards, some stationery, or a smooth toy. I guess from a very boring and practical perspective, it will feel like I’ve achieved success while I need not worry about how exactly I’ll pay my expenses!

Where do you want to be in another decade? Thank you so much Vanessa for posting a little part of your life with us! You’ll find Vanessa on Etsy, Spoonflower, Pinterest, Twitter @mondaloves, and her blog. One lucky audience shall win 1 lawn of quilting weight fabric. Visit Vanessa’s blog and leave her a comment. Keep coming back here and let me know you do!