Be Wise With Money 2

Be Wise With Money

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4. This provision is designed to be employed when a charity intends to continue to spend an endowment account to the charitable uses or purposes for which it was created, but certain limitations on its operation have become unworkable. Cy Pres – Modifying Uses or Purposes. 2. Based on the official comments, the word “improve” carries a release of the restriction and also enables the funds to be used in another organization. 2. The charity must notify the Attorney General 60 times in advance of the adjustment, and the charity must continue to use the fund in a manner constant with the charitable purposes portrayed in the present instrument. Donor Standing to Enforce Endowments 1. Legal Background.

1. Historically, only the Attorney General has had position to enforce charitable trusts. MacKenzie v. Trustees of Presbytery of Jersey City, 61 A. 1027 (N.J. Carl J. Herzog Foundation v. University of Bridgeport. Carl J. Herzog Foundation v. University of Bridgeport, 243 Conn. 1. The only real concern was whether a provision of Connecticut’s Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act provided the Plaintiff Foundation standing up to enforce the conditions it positioned on its gift. That statute states that the governing board of the institution may release a restriction imposed by a donor in his / her gift device, with the consent of the donor.

2. The court kept that the statute did not confer sitting on a donor to enforce restrictions placed on a gift for an endowment fund which only the Attorney General had standing to take action. 3. It probably didn’t help issues that, a yr following the university diverted the endowment money, an affiliate marketer of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church got control over the university or college. Smithers v. St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. 10 million to a medical center for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of a free-standing alcohol rehabilitation and treatment center.

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The present was made in several installments, some of which followed considerable communications between the Hospital and Mr. Smithers. 1. In the 1990’s, a healthcare facility indicated it needed additional money to renovate the procedure center and suggested a silver anniversary gala celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Smithers. The gala was prepared for April, but Mr. In January Smithers died. In the intervening March, a healthcare facility told Mrs. Smithers that it got cancelled the gala because a healthcare facility prepared to sell the building.

’s general charitable purposes.” Smith, Capacity to the Donors, Trusts & Estates (October 2007) 66, at 68. The widow brought suit as personal consultant of his property to enforce the conditions of the present. 2. The New York court kept that the property had standing to get an injunction on the transfer of the proceeds and that its standing was shared with the state Attorney General.

L.B. Education and Research Foundation v. UCLA Foundation. L.B. Research and Education Foundation v. UCLA Foundation, 29 Cal. Rptr. 3d 710 (Cal. 1 million donation that was designed to set up an endowed seat in cardiothoracic surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine. 1. Within a dispute between the donor and the medical school, the courtroom enforced a provision in the gift contract that required the endowment to be used in another institution in the University of California system.

Tennessee Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy v. Vanderbilt University. Tennessee Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy v. Vanderbilt University, 174 S.W.3d 98 (Tenn. 1. The university or college proposed to remove a large stone pediment that contained the dormitory’s name and replace it with a little plaque located inside the hall that recited its history.

2. The Tennessee Court of Appeals held that the university’s proposed renaming of the hall violated the conditions of its 1913 contract and denied the university’s motion for partial summary common sense. Robertson v. Princeton University. 35 million in stocks of the fantastic Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (which subsequently became the A&P supermarket company) to Princeton University.

550 million and vastly exceeded the amount had a need to support its intended purposes. Mrs. Robertson’s son, who was simply one of the trustees of the building blocks, sued Princeton, alleging among other things that the University had diverted Foundation possessions to other uses and experienced mismanaged their investment. 10.5 million to New York’s Lincoln Center for the renovation of its symphony hall, and Mr. Fisher was promised that the facility would be called after him in perpetuity.