Calico Days Fabric IS HERE NOW And Getting Ready For The BLOOM Sew Along!!! 2

Calico Days Fabric IS HERE NOW And Getting Ready For The BLOOM Sew Along!!!

Now I especially can’t wait around after seeing the stunning close-ups of these. I REALLY LIKE this fabric line And I’m getting excited about a fresh sew a long. I was wanting to know if you could inform me where you have the white with the blue bird tape you found in your binding book?

I’d love to get some good. SOOOOOOOOO beautiful. I cannot wait to start. My LQS does not have Calico Days, but another pack was bought by me of excess fat quarters. I believe it’s “Dreamy 2” and I’m happy that you said the colors will blend. I’ll probably choose the Calico Days online. Love this fabric and quilt! So excited because of this! I love the fabric and the quilt!

I need to make it! Will there be anywhere you know of that markets all the materials as a kit? Love the materials and the quilt. I plan to sew along, looking to get back to sewing after cancers treatment and this looks like a terrific way to jump in! Hoping I could continue. Your designs are lovable and love the nutmeg color with the other colors. Thank you for posting!

Can’t wait around to get my hands on some! Thanks fr the sew along. Getting excited about the fun and making the task. Love the fabric colors and designs. Got all my fabric and my bloom forms Just. I CANNOT wait to begin with! I’m so getting excited about this sew a long.

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Have everything I need and have tried to open the pattern to download; however, An error is got by me message. It’s probably me–any words of wisdom! Counting the days to the begins. Many thanks Lori for everything I’ve learned from your sew a longs and patterns. I have already been a faithful follower of your blog.

This will be my first quilt an extended. I’ve not had much time to sew but determined I will make time. I received your Farm Woman Classic book for Xmas and am absolutely deeply in love with the written reserve. Today Making my first barn block! So exited to Quilt-A-Long this time.

Ive never done one before so Im not sure how it works. Week Will the instructions be up for more than a , so if Im operating behind I could sew combined with the assistance of your lessons and videos still? Love love all the calicos! I also like you green french nail color job. Omg I am so enthusiastic about your products. I really like everything about the patterns just, fabrics, everything. My husband is going to be mad after i start tearing out the sewing room and redoing it with the motivation I got from taking a look at your cottage. I hope I don’t turn into a stalker because you are truly awesome!

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