Legal And Civil Issues 2

Legal And Civil Issues

My second passion in life is laws. I must confess that I almost became an attorney and throughout the years this dream has somehow faded out. So I thought to myself, easily have not become a lawyer, at least I can post some articles on legal affairs and enjoy the fun of blogging.

This hub will be focused on legal and civil issues and I wish the readers much fun reading my materials. At about 8:15 p.m. Friday March 1, a federal government jury ruled that Portland cops were legally eligible for get into and search a home in Northeast Portland without a warrant.

They did this because they were under the fact that someone was in peril. It had been also stated that the officials at the scene did not use inappropriate pressure to handcuff the residents whilst they looked at the house for a possible sufferer. This verdict came after the jury had been deliberating for further than five hours, after a trial which lasted four times.

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The case stated that Patsy McKinney and Thomas Glenn objected to the police entering their house lacking any appropriate search warrant. The event that brought on this raid was a 9-1-1 call placed by a passerby who mentioned that slamming noises and feminine screaming were heard coming from the house. According to the cops on the site they had a need to enter the house to ensure that no-one in the house was injured.

The attitude of the occupant of the house was in a way that the officers felt that he is possibly hiding something. It was at this time that they got into the home, handcuffing both residents to allow them to commence the search. Good News for US Criminals! November 1 A procedure called expungement was launched on. This process allows an individual to clear police records they may have. The process involves filing a request that the court erase the record of the arrest and seal the court public records.

An expungement can only just be obtained if the person meets certain requirements. An individual who was found not liable by a jury, or who was pardoned, can apply for an expungement. If the individual’s case was dismissed within an interval of 1 12 months after his/her arrest, he will be eligible for an expungement.