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What’s the ultimate way to get help from the Union? There are several ways to get the Union in an issue in your project’s area or a problem you are experiencing at work. If you have a labor/management committee bringing the issue with their attention might be effective. If you know a staff member or E-Board member, speaking with them could easily get results.

You might react to an email sent by the neighborhood or by using the email feature on our website to ask for help. The KZ is supervised by our Lead Stewards who check it at the least double daily during business hours. If they get a note from a member they assign the call to a steward who will call the member back again with an offer of assistance, usually within 24 hours. What if you prefer to have an employee member handle the case? Local 328 has a policy of requiring stewards to handle investigative interviews and step one 1 and step 2 2 grievances and other routine meetings in which a member requests representation.

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We think that developing good stewards is a highly effective way to build the Union in the task place and it’s really a competent way to take care of the large level of calls that a 4000-member local union can generate. The only way we’ve found to develop good stewards is by training them and then giving them work to do.

Stewards are encouraged to call staff and business lead stewards for advice and assistance. We give stewards excellent training and we upgrade that training at regular meetings throughout the year. We pair new stewards with experienced stewards who act as mentors. Staff will handle pre-discipline meetings, affirmative action investigations, requests for accommodation under the ADA, Grievance Adjustment Plank grievance, and hearings arbitrations; staff and Lead Stewards handle step 3 3 grievances. Layoff meetings are handled by staff and by trained activists who have experience guiding members through the layoff process.

Fix what’s broken, keep what’s working. The more satisfying the experience, the better you will economically do. Make the healthcare consumer/patient experience memorable. A healthcare provider’s ability to deliver an event that pieces it aside in the eye of its patients and potential patients from its competitors – traditional and non-traditional – acts to increase their loyalty to the brand.

One must actively manage the customer experience in totality by understanding the customer’s perspective. That is, all touch factors internally and externally that a customer/patient comes in contact with which creates the knowledge. Exceptional experience means benefits in market share, brand understanding, and income. Embrace and join the retail healthcare movement. Traditional ways of delivering health care shall pass the wayside in many cases. Price convenience, access, and outcomes are the drivers in retail healthcare. Find the need, understand the consumer’s behavior drivers, design offering around the buyer not a healthcare facility in a convenient price and location it properly. If you can’t compete in this way market position, revenue, and share will erode.

Social press is the currency for reaching viewers. As healthcare proceeds the progression to a health-care consumer dominated semi-retail environment, today cultural networking is a healthcare marketing route that is underutilized and underperforms, but keeps great potential to improve engagement, experience, and adherence. All this takes organizational change, leadership, vision, and meaningful action. Unless things change its over and done. The headline is a reality.

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