Web Application Development (m/f/d) At Vimcar GmbH 2

Web Application Development (m/f/d) At Vimcar GmbH

You are a mid-level frontend engineer, interested in dealing with React.js and with a good UI/UX understanding. On this role, you are an important part of one of our cross-functional development groups and support us in crafting cutting-edge, cloud-based applications within our high-load event-based connected fleet ecosystem. Join Vimcar as Frontend Engineer – Web Application Development (m/f/d)!

In the tech section, we are five unbiased, cross-functional engineering teams, divided into three areas: Application Engineering, Platform Engineering, and Data Integrations. We work agile, applying the optimal technique (Scrum or Kanban) depending on each team’s size and the products they own. We bring development and operations together closely. Therefore, each team has some DevOps responsibilities.

Our client applications are written in JavaScript, based on proven systems and frameworks like Node.js, React & Express. With a strict MVVM architecture and defined patterns clearly, we focus on building things. With static typing, we can form features with confidence. It creates our applications maintainable and scalable. We use Functional-Reactive-Programming using Rx.js – whereas MobX is very much indeed an object-oriented collection, offering us both performance and simple development.

All clients talk to our backend via RESTful, JSON-based APIs, documented by OpenAPI/Swagger. Without exclusion: All deployments are fully automated and predicated on Docker or AWS Lambda. Our goal is to further improve the accuracy of our trip extraction and boost the number of covered trip cases even as we grow from 50,000 beyond 200,000 energetic vehicles.

As part of the team, you develop, maintain and enhance the next version of our generic trip extraction from stream data and are accountable for analyzing and integrating new geo-location data resources. You create and keep maintaining service components with Java AWS and Spring / Docker throughout their life time cycle.

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You develop system components, not user interfaces. You have a strong affinity for UX and have which can show ownership in a powerful, agile environment. Thinking about join us? At Vimcar, you can take an established StartUp through its most interesting growth period with significant VC backing. We set up a subscription business model centered around complex products within the evolving B2B SaaS industry.

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